Services Offered

Caring Old Aged People

We have around twenty numbers in our old age home - Carmel Charitable Trust. We look after them with all love, care, compassion, tenderness and devotion. We feed them, clothe them, tend to them when they are ill or uneasy, and we try to give them a lot of happiness in all possible ways.


Medical Camps

Carmel Charitable Trust has been conducting free medical camps for the poor and downtrodden of the society. We have been able to give medicines and medical care to a large number of people in a very productive manner. Our complete teamwork and involvement has produced results and we are striving to make it a regular part of our charity activities


Self-Employment Training

Training given on various trades that can make people geared to be self-employed. The photos show them being trained in making fruit squash & syrups, soap & detergent powder, phenyl etc.